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Drew Miller - 619.709.4101

Ron Bocian - 760.277.5017


"It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I don’t remember who said it, but I can assure you, unlike me, he wasn’t from New Orleans. There’s probably nothing we hold more sacred than our music, food and culture. For so many of us, sometimes it feels like it’s all we got.
To hear and see the Euphoria Brass Band play with such soul and enthusiasm, and above all such respect for the history of this beautiful music, comes off as more of a tribute than imitation. They took the time, they studied, they did it right. And they brought talent to the game, by assembling this core group of dedicated musicians to carry out this musical tradition so well.
And for those not familiar with “New Orleans Brass Band” music, it gives new meaning to the phrase “timing’s everything.” often times it falls on my ears as a whole group playing solos at one time, allbeit in harmony. When you play it I feel my struggles, my triumphs, my joy, my history, and above all my connection to a city I love so much. 
Great Job Euphoria! Great Tribute!”

~Al Gardner-President Le Bon Temps Social Club, San Diego~

"A traditional brass band from…San Diego, California? Yes!  Euphoria Brass Band is the real thing…close your eyes and you’ll think you’re marchin’ down Rampart Street.  It’s a fat sound and a truly joyful noise!"

~Claudia Russell, Program Director, KSDS Jazz88.3~

"I can not say enough great things about Euphoria Brass Band!  My wife and I met in New Orleans, so we wanted to find a band that could match that unique and upbeat musical style.  Drew Miller was easy to work with from the start and helped cater the band's performance to meet our reception's needs. After dinner, we had the band meet us outside for a traditional Second Line, and their energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  All of our guests were dancing in the street all the way to the ballroom, where the fun just kept going! As we and several of our guests are New Orleans residents, we particularly loved the authentic sound and playful energy of the band. Everybody was dancing the night away, including a few of the musicians who took to the floor! I also couldn't be happier with their promptness and professionalism, which was impeccable. We had such rave reviews for our reception from all of our friends and family, and I want to extend my most sincere thanks to Euphoria Brass Band for making it happen!"

~Eric Turner, Groom, Julie & Eric Turner Wedding 9.14.14~ 

"I have to say, you guys were fantastic. You quickly assessed it was a shy crowd and made a huge effort to get everyone involved in the music. Not to mention, New Orleans Jazz could be the best music to have live at a party as it translates well across all cultures and makes you want to dance. Thank you Drew, and please thank all your band members. Kura Oncology and Wellspring Biosciences had an absolutely fantastic, largely due in part to Euphoria's performance and excitement. People were raving about the band for days!" 

~Kendall Marrone, Executive Assistant, Kura Oncology/Wellspring Biosciences~

"Recently, I had the opportunity to hire Euphoria Brass Band. At my mother’s request, she asked for a "marching band" to play at her funeral.  When she died at the age of 91, I was tasked to fulfill this request. Euphoria Brass Band was exactly what Mom would have wanted.  Granted, the "Band" didn’t march but the music did. Please consider Euphoria Brass Band for your next event.  A funeral might not come readily to mind but I can attest to the fact that our hearts were lighter and happier because of the musical talents of Euphoria. It was all so fitting and exactly how Mom would have liked to seen it play out. Everyone, to a person, agreed that it was the most uplifting, happy “funeral” they had been to.  I thank Euphoria Brass Band for that. Mom’s request was fulfilled and her soul did indeed soar!”

~Tammy Cocco~